WoW Classic EU

WoW Classic EU

The wow classic is the recreation of the classic 60-level version of World of Warcraft which is the most successful online game in the world. His aim is to let the younger generation of world of warcraft players experience the initial version of the game.

In the current version, Gold is the only currency, it's very important for all players. It can be used on training professional skills, buying stuffs from auction house, learning class skills or placing bids on raid loots. Although it's easy to farm gold in wow classic, but it still takes very long time for a player to get enough gold. So Gamermt has wow classic gold in our offer list, as a casual players you will save much time on farming.

We offer 3 methods to deliver gold to your character name in wow classic.

1, Face to Face

2, Auction House

3, In-game Mail

Average delivery time is 30 Mins - 2 Hours, you are free to request a full refund before the delivery if we can't make it in time.  We will issue it immediately without question!

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